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The Forgotten Majority and the Invisible Minority: Strategies from Alternative Education

As a key priority for local authorities, strategic responses to inclusion and special educational needs have been the focus of a range of training and conference events in recent years. Despite this, relatively few cohesive curricula for effective delivery of education to emotionally vulnerable children or young people with behavioural difficulties currently exist. As a provider of alternative education, Releasing Potential works with young people who have been excluded from mainstream education, and we have developed a Department-for-Education-approved curriculum for delivery through bespoke educational models.

Our 2018 annual conference brings together a range of voices to consider practical approaches to improving delivery to young people unable to function in mainstream educational or care settings. Featuring workshops, case studies and training sessions, this event offers learning, development and networking opportunities for teachers, classroom assistants, inclusion leaders, social workers, SENCOs and other commissioners and providers of care and/or education. We hope to share challenges and best practice, and to create collaborative networks for supporting young people in a variety of contexts. We welcome delegates from education, children’s services and social care, the health sector, parents’ groups, charities and local government.

The event will include workshops and talks on the following topics:
– Special educational needs and disability
– Inclusivity, diversity and access
– Mental health
– Child sexual exploitation
– Substance misuse
– Youth offending
– Behaviour management
– New technologies and resources
– Curriculum development/ support plan development

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