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The Engage Programme

What is it?

Engage is a full time Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision, which works with groups no bigger than four and with a one to two ratio of staff to students. Engage operates in Chichester and Havant. The Engage brief is to ensure that students leave at the end of Year 11 with Level 1 qualifications, a place in college, work or an apprenticeship, and with the social emotional skills to cope with whatever comes next.


Engage lessons start at 9.30 am and end at 2.30 pm. Lessons are 45 minutes long, and are usually followed by a 15 minute break. Before lessons begin the young people have the option of tea and toast to start the day. Breakfast time is an important start to the day for young people and staff alike, because relaxed interaction before the day begins helps put everyone in a positive frame of mind. We always stay with students during breaks, even when they are outside in the smoking area.


See below an example of a typical Engage timetable. One-to-ones in the RP School follow a similar schedule, with added flexibility to manage student needs.