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Building meaningful relationships with parents and students is essential to our working model, even when sometimes the benefits aren't felt immediately.


Penny got D in GCSE English and E in maths and passed her IT. Due to the reference from her work experience she was accepted into level 3 at college so please thank her employer very much. She's doing really well and has not missed a day so far! She's the only girl in her class and seems to get on really well with all the geeky boys (Penny's words). She's working really hard and I'm really proud of her. Your influence and the learning style she received at RP had a massive contribution in Penny's ability to believe in herself and to allow her to succeed......
"Joan" : Foster carer to "Penny", a year 11 with complex emotional needs and behavioural difficulties who graduated in 2017.
After he left the safety of RP, Ben found it a bit difficult without that support network around him, but I am pleased to say that he is now loving college and has made new friends. The care that staff put in to working with Ben meant that he had the space to work out who he was and what he could achieve. The tutors at RP allowed him to be himself without any fear, and he is a different boy to the one that started in 2014....
A family friend of "Ben" a year 9 student who graduated in 2017.