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How we work

Releasing Potential has honed its approach to working with young people over many years of experience. This is encapsulated in our Challenging Behaviour Management training programme which has now been developed into an NVQ3. All staff are required to complete this course, and it's also offered to external candidates.  

The approach is young person centred and strictly hands-off; it relies on understanding that a young person’s behaviour, however challenging, is motivated by their physical and emotional needs. Our job is to work out what these are, and help them find positive ways of meeting them.

In practice this affects every detail of what we do.

It is why we have a clear rewards structure; it’s why we meet the students from their taxis in the morning and see them off at the end of the day; it’s why we build-in tea and toast time to the daily routine. These are just a few examples.

We believe firmly in our Challenging Behaviour Management processes, we rely on them and work very hard to be consistent in the way we apply them. This is how we implement our strictly hands-off policy. We don’t restrain students, we would prefer to have damaged property rather than damaged people/lives, particularly young people.